Finance & Financial Services

Matthew has spent a career of over 30 years in finance and financial services, both as an adviser and business lead. His skill set encompasses a very broad range of specialist wholesale and investment banking issues, as well as retail banking, insurance and wealth and asset management .

Companies & Partnerships

During his time in practice, Matthew spent much time establishing both Companies and partnerships in numerous locations globally. As a senior leader, he also experienced many of the issues and disputes that commonly arise in such organisations, developing and implementing successful resolution strategies.

Shareholder Disputes

Matthew has particular experience in the resolution of disputes between shareholders of commercial enterprises, both start-ups and those that are more established.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution - it can be a useful tool to try and prevent litigation and the time and costs that incurs.

Settle on the mediation day

Settle shortly after the mediation day

Success rate of mediation

Source Tenth CEDR Mediation Audit 2023

Courts actively encourage mediation.
Mediation is voluntary. However, refusal to mediate could mean that courts might award costs against you.
Mediation can occur at any stage before or during court proceedings.
Your legal rights are unaffected. So, if you can’t reach agreement, you can still revert to court proceedings.
Mediation is confidential and 'without prejudice'. That means that nothing said in the mediation is admissible as evidence in legal proceedings.
Any settlement reached is legally binding once put into writing and signed by the parties.

Approach & Style

Matthew brings to the table a calm, understated, highly empathetic yet firm personal style, together with the patience and stamina which were the hallmark of his time as a lawyer and commercial lead.