Bridging the divide

What is mediation & why mediate?

Key features of mediation include:


The mediator does not convey anything a Party shares with them, to the other Party, unless they have specifically given permission to share it. It is therefore a very safe process.


The Parties seek to resolve their conflict without the publicity of Court proceedings. It keeps the issues within the control of the Parties.


Mediation is versatile and adaptable. The process is adjusted to the particular circumstances of the case, and is structured so as to best help resolve conflict on the day.


The Parties use the mediator to exchange ideas or put forward proposals, and no-one is held to anything until everything has been agreed and a settlement agreement is signed.


Commercial mediations generally take place in one day. Most mediations settle on the day and litigation is set aside, so the Parties achieve certainty and finality.

Why is mediation
so effective in resolving disputes?

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Choosing your Mediator

Choosing the right Mediator is important. Matthew is happy to speak with Advisers or parties considering Mediation in advance – to give more background on his expertise and approach.
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